We make high-quality plastic out of waste

Innovative technology for waste recycling
Renovare has invented a technology that unlocks multiple rounds of Nylon-6/66 plastic re-usage from waste. Our production process is based on mechanical recycling while preserving the crucial material characteristics. The breakthrough solution excels in cost-efficiency and is free from hazardous chemicals. Engineered for seamless integration into our customers’ current processes, this technology is geared toward scaling up production effectively and eco-friendly.
Circular economy
Renovare is committed to promoting a circular plastic economy, envisioning a closed cycle where plastic is continuously reused. Our goal is to seal this loop by converting plastic waste into top-tier recycled materials with properties compared to virgin Nylon-6/66. By prioritizing recycled products over raw materials, our customers actively reduce their reliance on new plastic, thereby making a substantial environmental impact.
Bio-degradable solutions
Our biodegradable Nylon-6 is a sustainable solution for a greener future. Crafted from a blend of recycled Nylon-6 and a biodegradable component, this innovative product swiftly decomposes in landfills. Tailored for textile industries, it ensures durability without compromising on performance.
Ready to use
The material we produce can be easily incorporated into existing technological and production lines. All Industries heavily dependent on Nylon-6/66, including clothing manufacturers, fishnet manufacturers, and automotive companies, may find the environmental impact of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable plastic a significant concern. Renovare's recycling technology is powerful, reliable and cost-effective.
Renovare in nutshell
  • Sustainable Materials Sourcing
    Each year approximately 25 million tons of plastic is landfilled. With our technology, we will reduce this amount making our contribution to a sustainable future. We source plastic waste from diverse industries and post-consumer sources, and, thus, reduce the demand for virgin plastic.
  • Circular Economy Contribution
    Our commitment to utilizing plastic waste supports the concept of a circular economy. By giving plastic a new life, we help keep it out of landfills and oceans, promoting a more sustainable future, and preserving valuable resources and energy.
  • Quality without Compromise
    Although sourced from waste materials, our plastic products adhere to the most stringent quality standards. We take pride in providing plastic that upholds its crucial original mechanical properties.
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
    Converting plastic waste into new products significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional plastic production. We decrease greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on petroleum-based materials.
  • Innovation at the Core
    Renovare is a team of professionals with a focus on cutting-edge research and development. We have a shared mission and unwavering values centered around caring for our planet. We are also dedicated to providing high-quality plastic to our customers. With our innovative formula, we ensure that our advancements benefit both the environment and your business's bottom line
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By choosing Renovare, you're not just obtaining high-quality plastic products; you're also actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of innovative and sustainable plastic solutions.