Our partners
Our partners
At Renovare, we understand that innovation and sustainability are journeys best traveled together. We are proud to collaborate with a network of esteemed industrial and R&D partners who share our vision and actively support our mission to redefine plastic recycling.
Collecting discarded equipment from fishing and fih farming around the world. End product is a raw material for the recycling industry which is used in a wide variety of products.
Nylon fabric that’s re-build to last. This technology is made from 100% pre-consumer recycled nylon 6,6
One of the leading players in the production of Polyamide 6, as well as a pioneer of the circular economy revolution in the textile sector.
Sourses post-industrial nylon 6,6 material from it’s plant in Kingston, Canada. Converts post-industrial fiber waste to pellet form and supplies it to Nylstar for spinning.
Nylstar introduced yarn made from INVISTA recycled nylon 6,6 polymer with Global REcycled Standart (GPS) Certification
Extracting plastics from oceans. Provide a range recovered plastics: PP, HDPE, PA6, etc.
Offers medical equipment as well as health care solutions across a wide range of applications.
Global medical technology leader, pushes the boundaries of implant innovation to redefine what's possible across all stages of the patient journey.
Together, We Make a Difference!