Recycled Nylon-6
At Renovare, we have pioneered an innovative technology that facilitates the multiple-cycle re-usage of Nylon-6 plastics recovered from waste. Renovare-6, which consists of nearly 95% of recycled waste, competes in quality and properties with raw plastic. Remarkably, it can undergo mechanical recycling numerous times while retaining its essential material properties.
Reonyl-6 stands out for its advantages
  • A high-performance material comprising nearly 95% of recycled Nylon-6 waste
  • Can undergo multiple-cycle rounds while retaining its properties without need to use enforcing additives, such as carbon or glass fibers
  • Reonyl-6 relies on mechanical recycling, reducing the consumption of solvents that are harmful for environment
  • Has the expanded processing temperature range which is useful in applications
Renovare's innovative technology not only addresses the challenges of plastic recycling but also facilitates close-loop economy. Our plastic processing and production solutions are characterized by performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
Technical Data Sheet
  • Components
    Reonyl-6 comprises more than 95 wt.% of reused Nylon-6 from waste
  • Delivery form and warehousing
    Reonyl-6 should be stored at about 20°C in a clean and dry environment
  • Product Description
    Reonyl-6 shows good mechanical characteristics and middle melt viscosity, compared to virgin Nylon-6. Reonyl-6 can be upcycled up to 5 times without compromising its properties
  • Product safety
    Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures and the relevant industrial safety precautions must be followed whenever this product is being handled and processed. Product is sensitive to humid environment conditions
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Compound BioReonyl-6 is made of recycled Nylon-6, mixed with PLA and our additives
By choosing Renovare, you're not just obtaining high-quality plastic products. You're also actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future