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In Renovare, we have developed the biodegradable plastic BioReonyl-6, which rapidly decomposes when landfilled. This product is recommended in industries where recycling (e.g., in products filled with glass fibers) and material collection are challenging. The advantage of BioReonyl-6 lies not only in its subsequent decomposition but also in its contribution to cleaning landfills from Nylon-6. BioReonyl-6 is composed of up to 70% recycled Nylon-6, significantly reducing the need for consumption, lowering CO2 emissions, and eliminating unnecessary plastic from the world. Key advantages of BioReonyl-6 include:

Bio-degradable Nylon-6
  • Accelerated decomposition when landfilled multiple times faster.
  • Suitable for Nylon-6 production chains.
  • Up to 70% composed of recycled Nylon-6, contributing substantially to environmental conservation.
Renovare's innovative technology addresses the challenges of Nylon-6 accumulation and slow decomposition. Our plastic processing and production solutions are characterized by performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
General properties
Melting temperature/ °C
Test method
ISO 11357 (20 K/min)
Technical Data Sheet
BioReonyl-6 comprises recycled Nylon-6, biodegradable thermoplastic and special additives.

Product Description
BioReonyl-6 shows good mechanical characteristics and middle melt viscosity, compared to pure Nylon-6.
Delivery form and warehousing
BioReonyl-6 should be stored at about 20°C in a clean and dry environment.
Product safety
Mandatory and recommended industrial hygiene procedures and the relevant industrial safety precautions must be followed whenever this product is being handled and processed. Product is sensitive to humid environment conditions.
Typical values
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Compound Reonyl-6 is made of recycled Nylon-6 and our additives
Compound Reonyl-66 is made of recycled Nylon-66 and our additives
By choosing Renovare, you're not just obtaining high-quality plastic products; you're also actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.