Renovare products
We develop and scale up technologies to transform plastic waste into high-quality products
At Renovare, our core products are sustainable plastic granules crafted from Nylon-6/66 waste. The granules contain up to 95% of the waste plastic and can be recycled multiple times without compromising the material properties

At Renovare, we produce sustainable plastic granules that set new standards for eco-friendly and high-performance materials recovered from waste. We amplify the benefits of mechanical recycling in our product range:

  • Reonyl-6/Reonyl-66

Reonyl-6/Reonyl-66, made of recycled Nylon, match the quality of virgin Nylon. Reonyl-6/Reonyl-66 maintain their properties through multiple recycling cycles, offering enduring quality.

key advantages:
  1. High-performance material comprising 95% recycled plastic waste.
  2. Suitable for diverse industries without compromising quality.
  3. Do not contain enforcing additives such as glass or carbon fibers.
  4. Can undergo multiple recycling cycles, facilitating closed-loop production.

  • BioReonyl-6
key advantages:
  1. Biodegradable plastic compounds a Nylon-6 waste and a biodegradable thermoplastic with our special additives.
  2. Decomposes in a landfill at an accelerated rate compared to conventional Nylon-6 plastic.
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Reonyl-6 is made of recycled Nylon-6 and our additives
Our product lines
Compound Reonyl-6 is made of recycled Nylon-6 and our additives
Compound Reonyl-66 is made of recycled Nylon-66 and our additives
Compound BioReonyl-6 is made of recycled Nylon-6, mixed with biodegradable thermoplastic and our additives
By choosing Renovare, you're not just obtaining high-quality plastic products; you're also actively contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.